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Sicz Construction

We specialize in reliable, aesthetic, and durable industrial floors (resin, epoxy, polymer) and concrete paving , along with fabrication and erection of steel structures with all the necessary foundation and earthworks. In Przemysl we are proud to be characterised by our professionalism, reliability and individual approach to any and every investment.

Family traditions and experience gained from generation to generation has built the strong character and reputation of this company, which , together with technological advances makes us adaptive  to the client's needs, with our push for innovative solutions and advanced materials . Our business found it's inception in the United States during the 1970's, and has moved to Poland, further developing since 1999.

Our Specialties:

Industrial Flooring:

- Warehouses

- Production Halls

- Maneuvering Area

- Industrial Freezers

- Parking

- Roads

Steel structures:

- Fields

- Sheds

- Roofing

Reinforced concrete structures:

- Baseplates, Feet

- Retaining Walls

- Ceilings